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NDP MPP Jennifer French moves forward on protecting fire fighter trainees

Published on November 1, 2018

MPP French’s Brunt and Kendall Act would make private safety and rescue training courses safer

On Thursday, Oshawa NDP MPP Jennifer French’s Brunt and Kendall Act passed second reading in the House. This act would ensure that private safety and rescue training courses used by first fire fighter trainees are safe by legislating the regulation, licensing and oversight of these courses.

French spoke about the importance of passing the act at a press conference with the families of firefighting trainee Adam Brunt and volunteer firefighter Gary Kendall, both of whom died because of unregulated private safety training courses.

“Fire fighters risk their lives to protect us. We need to ensure that they are protected too,” said French.

“In inherently dangerous jobs, we cannot rely on luck to ensure the training meets safety and professional standards,” explained Executive Vice President of the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association Mark Train, who spoke at the press conference at Queen’s Park to voice ongoing firefighter support.

“I see no reason why we would not receive the same unanimous support we received the last time the story behind the Brunt and Kendall Act was brought before the house,” said Al Brunt, father of Adam Brunt.

French commented on the long history leading up to today’s events.

“This has been an emotional journey and I am proud to have done this work alongside the families. It is the right thing to pass this bill today, to ensure our future firefighters are safe tomorrow,” she said.

MPP French’s bill passed second reading unanimously and has been referred to the Committee on Justice Policy.