Government of Ontario


You can contribute to change in Ontario by printing, signing and sharing the petitions below.


Anti-scab Legislation

Stay Home If You Are Sick

Stop the Unfair Tolling of Highways in Durham Region

Support Children with Autism

Fund our Schools

Fix Long-Term Care in Ontario

Stop the Bradford Bypass

Stop the 413 GTA West Highway

Adequate Rest Space for Long-Haul Truck Drivers




In order for a petition to be presented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, very strict criteria must be followed.  See below for further information or learn more here.


Preparing a Petition

A petition is a request that the Legislative Assembly of Ontario take some specific action (or refrain from taking some action) to redress a public grievance.

The action requested must be within the scope of jurisdiction of the Legislative Assembly, and the request must be clear, temperate, proper and respectful.

The request must appear at the top of every page of signatures submitted with the petition.



Petitioners must be residents of the Province of Ontario; it is acceptable for petitioners to be under the age of majority.

A petition must contain original signatures only, written directly on the face of the petition.

Each person petitioning the Legislative Assembly must print his or her name and address and sign his or her name under the text of the petition.

*Electronic petitions cannot be presented to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario


Form and Content

A petition must be addressed to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Petitions addressed to the Government of Ontario, or to a particular minister will not be accepted.

Petitions must be written, typewritten or printed. Email, faxed or photocopied petitions are not admissible and will not be presented.