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Replacement workers - or scab labour - should not be allowed in Ontario - it undermines the power of workers' and prolongs labour disputes.

Please see my presentation of concerns about using scab labour here: (50) Will this government support workers and anti-scab legislation? - YouTube

Glad to share a petition to the Legislative Assembly to call for anti-scab legislation on behalf of striking Unifor 222 cleaners who are not getting a fair deal from their employer.

Please see the presentation of my petition here:  (50) Anti-scab legislation is needed in Ontario! - YouTube


WHEREAS the use of replacement workers (scab labour) undermines workers’ collective power, unnecessarily prolongs labour disputes, and removes the essential power that the withdrawal of labour is supposed to give workers to help end a dispute, that is, to apply economic pressure;

WHEREAS the use of scab labour contributes to higher-conflict picket lines, jeopardizes workplace safety, de-stabilizes normalized labour relations between workers and their employers, and removes the employer incentive to negotiate and settle fair contracts; and

WHEREAS strong and fair anti-scab legislation will help lead to shorter labour disputes, safer workplaces and less hostile picket lines;

THEREFORE WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to:

• Prohibit employers from using scab labour for the duration of any legal strike or lockout, specifically banning the
use of any employee or contracted worker to perform the duties of a bargaining unit employee;

• Prohibit employers from using both external scabs (those hired specifically to replace striking or locked out
bargaining unit members), as well as internal scabs (new hires, members of the bargaining unit who might otherwise
cross the picket line, or any other employees at any of the employer’s establishments, including managers);

• Include significant financial penalties for employers who defy the anti-scab legislation; and

• Allow for the very limited use of temporary workers, only to undertake essential maintenance work to protect the
integrity and safety of the workplace, but not to contribute to the ongoing, normal operation of the workplace.


Please join me in calling for legislation that prohibits the use of scab labour during labour disputes.  Doing so, undermines the power of workers while prolonging labour disputes.   

Join me in supporting workers who have a right to call upon employers for fairness.  Fair working conditions, fair pay and fair consideration and respect.

I invite you to add your signature, alongside mine in calling for an end to scab labour during labour disputes.


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