Government of Ontario

MPP French Shares Local ‘Hydro-Horror-Stories’ with Premier

Published on October 20, 2016

Queen’s Park – After sharing local hydro-horror-stories with the Premier, Oshawa MPP Jennifer French demanded the Wynne government address unsustainable electricity costs for families by lowering hydro rates in the province.

“I’ve heard from families and seniors in Oshawa that set alarms to do their laundry in the middle of the night, and lower their food budget just to keep the lights on,” said French. “This is the reality in my community.”

After the Liberal government refused to acknowledge the hydro crisis facing families in Ontario, MPP French began collecting local hydro bills last month to share with the Premier.  So far, more than 100 hydro bills have been received.

“While dropping off a hydro bill at my office, a constituent named Jeff told me that his plan for the winter is to turn his thermostat down to 62 degrees, and rely on a heavy housecoat and warm slippers,” said French.

“Will the Premier commit to lowering hydro rates in Ontario, or should my constituents just keep turning the thermostat down instead?”

Hydro bills in Ontario have nearly quadrupled since the Liberal government came into power in 2003.