Government of Ontario

MPP French Demands Government Stop Cuts to Local Healthcare

Published on November 23, 2016

Queen’s Park – In response to the forced merger of Ajax-Pickering hospital with Lakeridge Health, Oshawa MPP Jennifer French called on the Premier to stop cutting frontline health services in Oshawa during Question Period today.

“People in my riding and across Durham Region need to be able to count on our local hospitals,” said French. “But this government keeps forcing our hospitals to cut frontline services.”

“Cutting health care and hospital services is what Conservatives do, but this Liberal government has a record of cutting just as deep.”

The merger has a projected cost of $18.2 million dollars, but the province is refusing to foot the bill.

“That means our local hospitals will be forced to find the money and forced to cut nearly $20 million out of front line services and patient care,” said French.

With expected savings of only $300,000 per year, the $18.2 million cost to frontline services will take roughly 62 years to recover.

“How can the Premier defend deep cuts to hospitals in Oshawa and Durham that will only leave patients and families waiting longer for the health care they need?” asked French.