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MPP French congratulates auto workers for securing investment in Oshawa !

Published on April 4, 2022

MPP French congratulates auto workers for securing investment in Oshawa


QUEEN'S PARK –  Oshawa Official Opposition MPP Jennifer French released the following statement after it was announced today that General Motors will be making a multi-billion-dollar investment in two plants, in Ingersoll and Oshawa, adding a third shift in Oshawa with more light-duty Chevy Silverado pickup production.

“I am so glad that the workers and our community of Oshawa have won another important victory. I am thankful that GM has recommitted to our community.  For more than a hundred years we have built the future and imagined the possibilities. My heartfelt congratulations to workers and the local union who were able to secure this investment.

When Premier Ford said “the ship has left the dock” when it came to closing the GM plant in Oshawa, he was wrong. It was workers, their families and the community that were right to have hope and to have never given up. It is for them that I am thrilled about this investment and proud to have stood alongside them in the fight to keep these good jobs in Oshawa.

Premier Ford cancelled the electric vehicle rebate and ripped EV charging stations out of the ground. So there’s a lot more work to do to fix what he broke, and make us the world leader in electric manufacturing, engineering and sales. The Official Opposition has laid out Ontario’s first ever electric vehicle strategy, and I’m excited about securing Oshawa’s future.”