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Government must commit to keeping auto jobs in Ontario NDP

Published on September 6, 2016

Queen’s Park – Following the announcement that Unifor will target General Motors in its "Big Three" pattern bargaining, New Democrats are calling on the Liberal government to commit publicly to the future of Ontario’s auto sector.

“Jobs in the Auto Sector are critical to our economy. More than that, they’re critical to families. People want the next generation to have a future with good jobs and opportunities. That means committing to a strong auto sector. New Democrats are calling on the government to get squarely behind the future of good jobs in auto manufacturing,” said NDP leader Andrea Horwath. “The negotiations between General Motors and Unifor will set the tone for the future of good auto jobs in Ontario. The Premier needs to stand up publically and say the government will fight to make sure it’s Ontario workers who are building the next generation of vehicles.”

“Oshawa is Ontario’s Motor City and GM workers have always been the backbone of our community. Let's make sure the next generation has more opportunities in the auto sector; not fewer,” said Oshawa MPP Jennifer French. “Whether it’s more efficient engines, electric vehicles or increasingly autonomous vehicles, the future of auto manufacturing is going to need a talented and experienced workforce. We want those GM jobs here in Oshawa, and those auto jobs here in Ontario. We have a rich automotive history in Oshawa, now let’s secure a bright automotive future.”

Unifor has said it expects any new collective agreement to include a firm commitment to continuing auto manufacturing in Canadian plants.

"Ontario's New Democrats are in full support of efforts to keep and create jobs in Ontario's auto sector, not just for today but for future generations of Ontarians. It's time the Ontario government got off the sidelines and committed to doing its part to keep these jobs in Ontario", added Horwath.