Government of Ontario

Government Delivers No Hydro Relief to Durham Families: MPP French

Published on February 22, 2017

Queen’s Park – During question period Wednesday, Oshawa MPP Jennifer French called the premier out of touch after sharing the story of a Durham resident that was charged a $50 delivery fee for delivering no electricity at all.

“Fifty dollars might not sound so bad, until you look at the Bill and realize that the electricity used was 000.000 kWh, and the fifty dollar charge was for the delivery of literally nothing,” said French.

Matt King, a Durham resident, received the Hydro Bill for a yet-to-be-completed basement apartment.

“Matt paid fifty dollars to have nothing delivered,” said French. “That’s like giving the UPS guy fifty bucks to send an empty box.”

“Is the Premier so out-of-touch that she thinks this is okay?”

Hydro bills in Ontario have nearly quadrupled since the Liberal government came into power in 2003, largely as a result of the government’s privatization.