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Bill 15 - the Fairness for Road Users Act, 2022

Bill 15 - the Fairness for Road Users Act, 2022

In August 2022 I tabled Bill 15 2022 .

The Bill amends the Highway Traffic Act. If a person causes or contributes to causing an accident which causes death or serious bodily harm, and at the time the person was contravening the Highway Traffic Act or its regulations, then the person is guilty of an offence. The court may sentence the person to a fine of up to $50,000, or to imprisonment for up to two years, or to both. The court may also suspend the person’s driver’s licence or permit.

Bill 15 - the Fairness for Road Users Act, 2022 is a reintroduction from the previous session - and a long-standing issue. This PMB amends the Highway Traffic Act. Bad things can happen on the roads when people violate the Highway Traffic Act (improper U-turn, illegal left turn, failure to stop...) However, as it stood prior to the passing of my bill, in the event that someone died or was significantly injured as a result, there was not a significant penalty that could be given upon sentencing. My bill increased penalties if someone on the road breaks a driving law and hurts or kills someone, and the bill gave the court options during sentencing so that families no longer suffer insult after suffering injury.

See the debate here:  Video of the debate

To view the Bill and to learn more, please see here:  Bill 15, Fairness for Road Users Act (Contraventions Causing Death or Serious Bodily Harm), 2022 - Legislative Assembly of Ontario (