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A Tribute to Former Oshawa Mayor and Councillor Nancy Diamond

Published on February 22, 2017

It is with a heavy heart that I pay tribute to former Oshawa Mayor and Councillor, Nancy Diamond.  She is survived by her daughter Suzie and Grandsons, and the countless friends and neighbours she touched in our community. Nancy has been a tireless advocate, leader and defender of Oshawa. Our city has drawn from her strength and unwavering commitment for a generation.

Nancy’s passing is a loss to the broader community, but is also a very personal loss to many. She was a woman of strength, humour, integrity, class and action. She woke up every morning determined to make the world a little better. She was committed to her work and was usually the last to leave City Hall each night.

Nancy served as a dedicated volunteer and advocate for equality and fairness. She has been recognized for her contributions and action by many service organizations across the city. She was accessible and approachable and loved building authentic relationships with neighbours across the city. She valued the work she did, but even more, valued the people she worked for.

Across the 20 years as long-serving Mayor and City and Regional Councillor, Nancy knew this city inside and out and loved it. Nancy was a tireless worker for our community. She had the strength of her convictions and would not shy away from a fight worth having.

The services to remember Nancy were wonderfully attended – and everyone had a personal memory to share – and most remembered her wisdom, kindnesses, keen wit and signature smile. They called her a “force of nature”.

Oshawa is a better and stronger community for Nancy Diamond’s years of dedication and her lifetime of service. Her beloved Oshawa will miss her every day.