Government of Ontario


May 10, 2023

Official Opposition challenges Ford on Orchard Villa long-term-care licensing

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Wayne Gates (Niagara Falls), Official Opposition Critic for Long-Term Care, Retirement Homes, and Home Care questioned The Government Wednesday at Queen’s Park about the potentia... More
April 27, 2023

Ontario Science Centre economics don’t add up

Watch my question here QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jennifer French (Oshawa), Official Opposition critic for Infrastructure, reminded Ford about basic economics in Legislature today, raising questions about... More
March 29, 2023

Official Opposition MPPs Re-Introduce Anti-Replacement Worker Legislation

QUEEN’S PARK—Today, Official Opposition MPP France Gélinas introduced the Anti-Scab Labour Act, 2023 in the Ontario legislature with co-sponsors MPPs Jennifer French, Wayne Gates, Lisa Gretzky and ... More
March 3, 2023

Official Opposition insist government keep promise to return Durham’s Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve lands!

  QUEEN’S PARK - Official Opposition MPP Jennifer French (Oshawa) demanded the government keep its promise to preserve natural and protected spaces and the wildlife that lives there and preserve C... More
February 7, 2023

Urgent need for emergency operations transit funding!

  Transit agencies across Ontario are struggling! Investments in transit operations are important in ensuring that individuals can get to their jobs.  They are also critical to the creation of job... More
January 19, 2023


You are invited to participate in Provincial Pre-Budget Consultations and present to The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.  Be heard and share local priorities with the committee... More