Government of Ontario

Fairness for Autoworkers

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario,

WHEREAS Ontario autoworkers have been unfairly singled out with an Employment Standards Act exemption in regulation 502/06; and,

WHEREAS autoworkers are hardworking people, who juggle strenuous physical labour in the workplace, rotating work shifts as well as six day work weeks and twelve hour shifts, all while balancing the challenging demands of taking care of a family; and,

WHEREAS limits to autoworkers’ bereavement days and personal emergency leave under the Employment Standards Act exemption in regulation 502/06 will have detrimental impacts on workers, as well as their families and their work; and,

WHEREAS these changes to the Employment Standards Act are discriminatory against one particular sector in Ontario; and,

WHEREAS autoworkers deserve the same rights and protections as every other worker in Ontario.

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly as follows:
Immediately repeal the regulation to the Employment Standards Act which limits the number of emergency leave days for autoworkers, as compared to other employees in the province.

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