Government of Ontario

Premier Wynne Should Stop Excluding Ontarians from a Public Pension Plan and Support an Enhanced CPP

Published on June 1, 2016

Queen’s Park – Today during Question Period, Oshawa MPP and NDP Pensions critic, Jennifer French, called on Premier Wynne to support Ontario’s workers by backing an enhanced Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

“New Democrats support a strong public pension plan. We believe that all Ontarians should be able to retire in dignity. This government, however, is excluding thousands—if not millions—of Ontario workers and their families,” French said.

This month, the provinces will talk about a potential increase to the CPP, a plan that leaves no Canadian behind. Ontario’s participation is needed to move conversations forward: changes to the CPP require agreement from both the federal government, and two-thirds of provinces with two-thirds of the population. As the most populous province, Ontario has the ability to direct CPP talks, and even to stop a CPP enhancement.  The Ontario government has suggested that the design of the ORPP—which leaves out thousands of workers—be mirrored in any future CPP enhancement.

“Even the federal government has expressed concerns that the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP)—which leaves out thousands of workers—may prevent a future CPP enhancement,” French said. “Premier, will the government support a universal enhancement to the Canada Pension Plan so that every worker in this country benefits?”

During committee on Monday, New Democrats called for a universal Ontario pension plan to ensure that all workers can participate in a public pension plan. However, the Wynne Liberals voted down all of the amendments.

“Canadians pride themselves on having a public health care system, a public education system, and a public pension system that benefits us all. It’s part of who we are,” French said.

“But now, it looks like the Liberal design of the Ontario pension plan may jeopardize a future CPP enhancement.  Premier, does this government actually believe that it has the mandate to redesign the CPP?”