Government of Ontario

Ford’s neglect of auto-sector threatens Oshawa jobs and puts workers families and sector at-risk

Published on July 23, 2018

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Oshawa MPP, Jennifer French, called out the Ford Conservatives’ failure to protect Ontario’s at-risk auto sector saying that it threatens the wellbeing and livelihood of the families, communities and workers who depend on the industry.

“President Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on auto and auto part imports will be devastating to Ontario’s auto sector, it would put thousands of good jobs in Oshawa at risk,” French said. “Conservatives in the past have said they would be content to see Ontario’s auto sector die and adding insult to injury, there wasn’t a single mention of auto manufacturing in the Conservative’s so-called platform.”

During the most recent provincial election, the Conservatives said they would cut the Jobs and Prosperity Fund, which provides millions of dollars of necessary investments in our auto sector. Last week, in yet another backroom move, Ford fired Ontario’s trade representative in Washington without any mention of plans to fill the role. At a time of great uncertainty about the trade relationship between Canada and the United States, French expressed concern about the Ford government’s intentions the sector.

“For years the auto and auto parts industry has been calling on the government of Ontario to develop a real auto manufacturing strategy for the province, but to this day Ontario has no strategic plan for an industry that accounts for one fifth of our GDP,” French said. “This is beyond irresponsible and puts the entire Ontario economy at risk.

“We cannot predict what President Trump will do but we can prepare for any outcome.

“Will this government do the responsible thing and work with the auto and auto parts sector to develop a real auto manufacturing strategy?”